Our Team

By hiring and developing exceptional people we are able to consistently solve some of the most challenging problems and implement some of the most innovative solutions for our customers. Our team possess in-depth practical knowledge of the latest technologies and tools.

Having delivered some of the most innovative and award winning projects, across a variety of industries, over a period of more than 25 years, you can be assured of our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions with the level of back-up and support you would expect from a highly experienced solution provider. This rare breadth of technical skills combined with extensive business process experience provides us with unrivaled insight into the business and technical challenges facing today's organisations and the means to resolve them.

The value we deliver to our clients comes from the experience, skills, passion and ethos of our team and the select groups of partners we choose to work with.

Our technical architects and developers possess in-depth skills of the latest technologies balanced with a strong working knowledge of business processes enabling them to become productive quickly on projects of any size and complexity. Our programme and project managers provide exceptional delivery and team engagement skills enabling them to work effectively with our clients' teams.

The breadth of experience of our business consultants and analysts helps our clients deliver business aligned strategies for the effective application of information technology. Our on-going investment in training and development with clear objectives for each member of our team, ensure the skills are kept up to date, and each member continues to develop in a professional capacity.