INTERMIX™ for Microsoft Project Online (Office 365 PPM)

InterMix™ for Microsoft Project Online is solution that allows Project and Resource Data, metrics and information to be synchronised to fields in Microsoft Project Online seamlessly and automatically. Running as a service on Azure, or on a client’s own hosted architecture, InterMix™ can extract data on a selectable basis and synchronise it with data from Oracle, SAP, Siebel, DB2, Access, SQL, Sage, Excel, CSV and many other data sources. This is an ideal solution where companies are required to enter key project data into another legacy type system initially, and then have that data synch automatically into Microsoft Project Online. For companies that have legacy database systems but are moving to a Cloud-based Microsoft Project Online solution, populating data from legacy database sources has never been easier. Easy to manage, modify and set the synchronisation time, this solution provides a set it and forget it option that will update fields in Microsoft Project Online simply and automatically. This keeps the reporting generated from within the Microsoft Project Online environment up to date, accurate and usable immediately, and eliminates errors entirely.

Intermix™ provides a synchronisation process for both project data AND resource data. In the case of project data, a unique numerical code is the unique identifier in the source data and entered once into a custom project field in Project Online for each project. Once done, when the synchronisation process is run, the solution ensures that the data in the source database is populated into the identified fields for each Project in Project Online. Synchronisation may be skipped for "test" or "dummy" projects that may exist in Project Online, or in cases where there is no corresponding project data in the original data source. For the Resource synchronisation, custom fields (e.g. division, location, etc.) can be populated and the process is done using an Employee Reference code field.

Synchronisation is selectable between project data, resource data or both, and after synchronisation, there is the option to also have the projects republished so that project sites are updated and information in the Project Center is updated. Full error logging is provided as part of the solution. And timeout length (for re-publishing projects) can be modified to take account of very large numbers of projects where the publishing queue needs to be controlled more precisely.

Key Features:-

  • Set and Forget - Fully Automated
  • Selectable link to Data Source
  • Automated Publishing of projects when data import complete
  • Pulls in both Project and Resource data
  • Includes population of custom fields
  • Full error logging
  • Controllable timeout for optimized publishing and bandwidth
  • Simple Azure hosting and setup


This solution has saved thousands of hours of manual data entry and manual publishing of projects is now a thing of the past. In the case of one of our customers, the automation of data exchange and publishing has saved the business an estimated £628,000 over the course of one year. These cost savings are based on the time it would have taken to manually update changes in data every day over a one year period, the savings in publishing time now that project managers do not need to publish projects, and the efficiencies gained from being faster to deliver key reports and improvements in the speed of decision-making because the BI reporting is faster, quicker and more accurate than could have been achieved by a more conventional process.


  • Microsoft Office 365 PPM
  • Microsoft Project Online (included in Office 365 PPM)
  • Microsoft Excel Online (included in Office 365 PPM)
  • Microsoft PowerBI (included in Office 365 PPM)
  • Microsoft Azure tenant (for intermediate data storage and hosting of the application service)
  • Windows Server 2012 (running on the Azure hosted platform)

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