Tips and Tricks: Copy custom views, filters, tables, and other elements to other projects

After you start working with Project, if won’t be long before you get creative and start customizing views, tables, filters, reports, and so on. And it won’t be too long after that when you begin to think about leveraging your creativity by applying it to all your future projects. Welcome to the Project organizer.

The organizer is a dialog box that allows you to copy Project elements between files, or between a file and the global template. What is the global template? It is a special Project template that is associated with every project file that you create.

For example, suppose you customize the Gantt chart with cost columns, then rename the view “Corporate Cost Gantt.” And now you want to use the new Gantt chart in all future projects. Here’s what you do.

  1. For Project 2007, on the Tools menu, click Organizer.
    For Project 2010, click the File tab, click Into, and then click Organizer—but see note below for some differences.
  2. In the Organizer dialog box, click the Views tab.
  3. The list in the right box contains the custom views in the currently open project.

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