What a Project 2010 year and happy holidays!

Almost caught up with my list of to-dos before the end of the year, I wanted to step back and do one last blog post looking back at the 12 months of this milestone 2010 year. Looking back at the exact same period a year ago, what has changed? Well in December 2009 Jan Kalis and I were half way done with our Project 2010 Ignite worldwide tour back from Mexico and Brazil and were having a quiet restful holiday to prepare for trips to Singapore, Australia, Renton, Seattle, New Orleans… A year ago we had just released the Public beta for Office, SharePoint and Project and Project Server 2010… So what has changed 12 months later, well in a nutshell we LAUNCHED 2010 (or another way to describe it in Microsoft term: we Released to Manufacturing/RTM) ! Last May was when all the fireworks lit up the EPM sky! You might think it has been a quiet time for us since last spring; well on the contrary it has been non -top talking to customers, partners, journalists, and analysts. It’s amazing to see the excitement and interest for Project and Project Server 2010 (not to mention SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010). As recently as last month we had a very successful event in Barcelona

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