WinWire is “All In” with BPOS

Written by: Raj Badarinath Raj Badarinath is the VP Marketing at WinWire Technologies Inc., Gold Certified Managed Partner specializing in collaboration and analytics focused around Microsoft SharePoint technologies with a global delivery model. WinWire was founded in 2007 by ex-Microsoft professionals and has approximately 150 employees who are spread across our corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, CA and two development centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India. When we founded WinWire Technologies more than three years ago, keeping operating costs as low as possible was essential to our success. Our communications infrastructure included a diverse range of consumer and business technologies including Google Gmail, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Project Server Cache Synchronization

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 internally manage cache synchronization by tracking revisions to major entities such as projects and maintaining records for deletions of those entities. Although the Draft, Published, and Archive databases in Project Server are not documented, and direct access to those databases is not supported, a basic understanding of cache synchronization in Project Server can be useful in determining issues of performance optimization. (This article was written by Patrick Conlan, Microsoft Corporation.) Warning:

Introducing SharePoint Online and Workflows, Part 2.

Last week we introduced SharePoint Online Workflows . Workflows allow users to easily trigger a customized email to be sent when a new item is added to SharePoint Online. In part two of this series, Brett demonstrates how you can easily configure a workflow using SharePoint Designer 2007. One example of how you can use a configured SharePoint Workflow is to create a task when the Sales opportunity value meets or exceeds a pre-set value in another SharePoint Online list. The tasks are then linked to Outlook so the executive can easily review and approve.

This Week in BPOS News 12/3

This week in BPOS news is a recurring segment on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog that covers news from all sectors of Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Online Services business suite known as the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). You can read all past This Week in BPOS News segments here. For this week in BPOS news we take a look at the history of Microsoft Online Services and how it came to be Office 365. We also look at why BPOS is right for you and your business. 1. The Road to Office 365: The Past , The Present , The Future Mary Jo Foley is the premiere writer about Microsoft News and information for ZDNet. She has close eye on the Microsoft Online Services front and has taken this week to write an in depth three part series entitled “The road to Office 365.” This series focuses on Office 365 and its past, present and future. In the first part of her series , Mary focuses on the history of Microsoft Online Services which goes back to the year 2003. The article features a comprehensive look at the history with Eron Kelly, Senior Director for Office 365. This is a very interesting read that lays the groundwork for her next article entitled “The Road to Office 365: The Present.” In her second piece , Mary Jo Foley takes a look at what is presently occurring with Office 365. This article examines how the engineering team is managing their workload with creating a new service offering, and also dives into the work the support team is doing to create a better experience for customers. In the final segment of her three part series, Mary Jo Foley peers into the future of Office 365 . This piece starts by discussing the possible release scenarios for Office 365. Mary provides insights on how she pictures customers moving to Office 365. The article then focuses on the community and communication effort that is going to be emphasized for Office 365. “It’s a whole different relationship with the customer now,” when it comes to services, Cole said. “The customer experience becomes the entire life cycle; it’s not just learn and try and buy. It’s a whole end-to-end solution.” We are excited to help bring Office 365 to customers in the near future. As part of the community team, I am thrilled to help make our customer experience better than ever. You can read more about Office 365 on the Office 365 blog . What are your thoughts about the road to Office 365? Would you like to learn anything else not covered in the three piece series? Leave a comment below. 2. Gobble Gobble….BPOS is no Turkey! For our second story we take a look at a Thanksgiving themed BPOS story. Although this article comes to us a week late, it still resonates today. Rich Blank, Management Consultant for Independent, answers a couple of questions that he himself has previously asked. “Is it [BPOS] any different than web hosting?” “Which version do you need?” “Why BPOS?” Rich dives into these questions will real life experience to support his answers. I highly recommend this article for anyone wondering if BPOS is right for them and their business. What are your thoughts about the stories we shared with you this week? Did you see a story you want to share with us? Let us know what other topics you’d like to see. You can comment on this blog post or send an email to our community mailbox . Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.