Office 365 Small Business Premium: Looking professional

Author: Jon Orton_MSFT Originally published to the Office 365 Preview blog. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important to make a good impression on potential and current customers. When people interact with your company, either on the web, or exchanging emails with you, or viewing your company’s forms and brochures, what impression do they have? Hopefully all of these digital interactions inspire confidence in your business. If not, Office 365 can help, with several built-in tools that give your business a professional presence. Business-class email Having a professional presence begins with email addresses branded with your company’s name. Sending emails from a business address like instead of a consumer address like or reinforces your company’s brand and sends the message that your business is here to stay. Office 365 makes it easy for you to bring a custom domain name and use it for your email and public web site. The administration section of your Office 365 portal has a step-by step guide to walk you through the process. To learn more, see Set up and manage domains . *** Important note: At the end of the Office 365 Preview, all data and email accounts will be deleted, so if you want to try out a custom domain name during the Preview, use a test domain name instead of your company’s real one. *** Having an email address with your company’s brand is a good start; but to have email that is truly business-class, you need the right tools for sending, receiving, and managing email. This is an area where Office 365 really shines, especially for people who are used to consumer web mail services or the basic POP email that is commonly bundled with internet service plans. Office 365 Small Business Premium includes Microsoft Outlook, a powerful email client that makes it easy to send messages with rich formatting, tables, and embedded images—using the same familiar formatting and spellchecking tools available in Microsoft Word. Tools in Outlook help you create a professional email signature to reinforce your company’s brand with each email you send. And, of course, your email has no embedded ads that clutter your message. Email in Office 365 is powered by Microsoft Exchange, the world’s leading business email server and the perfect companion for Outlook. With the combination of Outlook and Exchange that is provided in Office 365 Small Business Premium, you are enjoying the same professional email tools used by most Fortune 500 companies. Modern web site When prospective customers go online and look up your business, they make inferences based on the quality of the web site they find. If your site has up-to-date information and a modern, professional look, it signals a well-run operation. To help you achieve this, the Office 365 Preview includes new tools that help you design, publish, and maintain a great-looking web site . If you log in to your Office 365 Preview account and click “Sites,” you’ll notice that a basic web site has been created for you, so there’s no need to build your site from scratch. You can play around with the look and feel of the site and then publish it to the outside world when you are ready. Editing the site is a lot like editing a Word document. To start customizing your site, you can choose from an array of modern templates. Once you have chosen a template, you can add your company logo; change the background image, and customize text and links to fit your business. Inserting pictures and videos is easy and intuitive. As you adjust the look and feel of your site, you can preview each change and decide whether to keep it, or try something else. You have the option of including an attractive-looking blog as part of your site, so that you can update customers on what’s happening with your business. You can also include sharing buttons that help you reach new customers on Facebook and other social networks. Here’s an example of a finished web site. To see how it was created, watch this video walkthrough . Because you don’t need to hire a web designer each time you want to make changes, your site can stay up-to-date. Best of all, your web site is hosted as part of your Office 365 subscription at no extra cost. Beautiful and impactful documents Office 365 Small Business Premium includes the newest version of familiar Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Having modern versions of these Office tools makes it easier to build high-quality documents and presentations. An enhanced start menu in each of the Office apps presents you with templates that give you a head start on creating business materials that are professional and engaging. After picking a template, you can use theme variants to change the look and feel of your document. You can open PDF files in Word and incorporate text, lists, and tables from these files in your documents. New alignment guides in Word and PowerPoint make it easy and intuitive to line up shapes, text boxes, and other graphics, so your documents look as if they were polished by a designer. With these tools in hand, it’s easier than ever to create elegant documents and presentations that reflect well on your business. Check out the free training about the new Office to see how they work. That’s a quick look at how Office 365 helps you put your best food forward as you interact with current customers and work to win new ones. From business-class email, to a modern web site, to high-quality documents and presentations, you get the tools you need to give your business a professional presence.