Microsoft Copilot Adoption Assessment Workshop


Workshop Overview

Our Copilot Adoption Assessment Workshop is designed for companies considering the adoption of Microsoft Copilot. This five-day workshop involves a structured approach but with a focus on understanding the current best practices, evaluating the integration of AI capabilities offered by Microsoft Copilot, and planning for the adoption of this AI-driven tool.


  1. Current State Assessment Report: A detailed report documenting current project management practices, including advantages, disadvantages, and user feedback.
  2. Requirements Document: A comprehensive list of requirements for integrating Microsoft Copilot.
  3. Copilot Capabilities Analysis and Recommendations: A report comparing current requirements with Copilot’s capabilities, including identified fit-gaps and recommendations.
  4. Adoption Strategy Plan: A detailed plan outlining the adoption approach, timeline, key milestones, and risk mitigation strategies.
  5. Implementation Plan and Success Metrics: A document detailing the implementation steps, success metrics, and preliminary project plan.
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