Project Data Migration Services

Technology Associates are experts in planning and executing project migrations and data transfer. We have helped dozens of companies migrate projects and associated data between the most popular project management software toolsets.

When switching project management tools, migration of the projects and data may be challenging for the Project Management Office and IT Organization. Use of open-source complex scripts and API, the potential of data loss, human errors. And it is an extremely time-consuming, effort-intensive activity.

Technology Associates has over 20 years of experience with migration and integration scenarios for project management. Our Project Migration services can help companies make project migration simple – by planning, testing and automating the project migration process and removing all the risks associated with migration.
And now, you can run migration from Microsoft Teams for Microsoft Office 365.

Migration scenarios we support...

  • Microsoft Project Server -> Project Online
  • Microsoft Project Online -> Project Online (on different tenants)
  • Microsoft Project Online -> Project for the Web/new Planner
  • Microsoft Planner (legacy) -> Project for the Web
  • Asana -> Project for the Web
  • –> Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Planner –>
  • Microsoft Planner –> Microsoft Planner
  • Trello –> Microsoft Planner
  • Asana -> Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Planner -> Asana
  • Smartsheet -> Project for the Web
  • Smartsheet -> Microsoft Planner
  • Project for the Web -> Project for the Web
  • –> Project for the Web
  • Trello –> Project for the Web


  • Minimize downtime between source and target platforms
  • Save 90% of the time on project migrations
  • Save up to 90% of the migration cost
  • Reduce all risks related to migration - missing data, projects, tasks, notes, or documents
  • Fully automated and high-speed migration
  • Expert planning, testing and execution of your migration scenarios
  • Your data is always secure – runs on Microsoft Azure, never downloaded to any desktop computers.

Technology Associates has won awards for its migration services! We've even migrated over 22,000 resources, over 12,000 project plans, and 1.8 Terabytes of data for a single large corporate customer, and the process from initial discussion, planning, testing, execution, validation and through to completion took just 3 months!

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