Finding Project Server 2010 documentation

Documentation for Project Server 2010 is spread across three websites: TechNet,, and MSDN. Each of these sites addresses a different audience. TechNet focuses on the IT Pro, focuses on the end user, and MSDN focuses on the developer audience. In addition to these three sites, blogs are also a great source of information.

TechNet: Planning, deployment, migration/upgrade, and more

TechNet provides Project Server 2010 documentation that focuses on the functions performed by administrators. You can find content on planning, deployment, migration/upgrade, operations, and troubleshooting, as well as technical reference material. There are two ways content is surfaced on TechNet: TechCenters and the Library.

Project Server 2010 TechCenter

First, let’s look at the Project Server 2010 TechCenter. The TechCenter provides links to content that we’ve identified as most commonly-used, as well as themed Resource Centers with links to content pertaining to a specific topic.

To browse to the Project Server 2010 TechCenter:

  1. Go to TechNet.
  2. At the bottom of the left navigation list, click More TechCenters.
  3. Under Server Products, click Project Server 2010. The Project Server 2010 TechCenter is displayed.

Information on the Project Server 2010 TechCenter is broken out into separate sections:

Section Description
News and Highlights This section provides a list of commonly used articles.
Resource Centers This tab, in the Project Server 2010 Resources section, includes links to separate Resource Center pages. Current Resource Centers focus on Business Intelligence, Demand Management, and Upgrade and Migration.
Evaluate, Plan,
Deploy, and Operate
These tabs, in the Project Server 2010 Resources section, contain links to articles that fall into that phase of Project Server 2010 implementation.
Latest Content This section provides links to content we’ve recently published to TechNet. You can also keep on top of recent content updates by subscribing to this RSS feed.
From the Trenches This column, written by Chris Vandersluis of HMS Software, provides deployment planning advice directly from someone who has been deploying enterprise project management solutions to customers in the field for years. Articles from this column are also available as an RSS feed.

The Project Server 2010 TechCenter also includes many links to other resources, including blogs, forums, downloads, and other websites containing relevant content.

Project Server 2010 Library

For an all-up look at Project Server 2010 content on TechNet, use the Library.

To browse to the Project Server 2010 Library:

  1. Go to TechNet.
  2. Click Library on the tabs going across the top of the page.
  3. In the left navigation tree, expand Products and Technologies, and then expand Project Server 2010.

Here, you can browse through all published Project Server 2010 articles on TechNet, broken down into categories. The Newly published content article (as mentioned earlier, also available as an RSS feed) is updated regularly with links to recently-published articles, and is helpful for staying on top of new content on TechNet. Another great resource for learning about new content published to TechNet is the Enterprise Project Management Content Publishing News blog (also available as an RSS feed). This blog helps to surface broader updates to content on TechNet, as well as links to individual articles.

Providing feedback

To provide feedback on TechNet articles, first determine which view you are using: Classic, Lightweight, or ScriptFree.

If you are using the Classic view, in the bar just above the article, you can use a five-star rating system. When you click to provide a star rating, a box appears where you can type in comments specific to the current article.

If you are using the Lightweight view, scroll to the bottom of the article and click Feedback. From there, you can type comments specific to the article you are viewing.

If you are using the ScriptFree view, click Feedback in the top-right portion of the article. This takes you to the MSDN, TechNet, and Expression Library Feedback Forum, where you can provide feedback on the script-free version of an article. End-user content for Project Web App provides documentation for Project Web App users. You can find content on creating and working with projects, managing portfolios, submitting and approving time and status, reporting on projects, setting up Project Web App, and more.

To browse to Project Server 2010 content on

  1. Go to
  2. Click Support on the tabs going across the top of the page.
  3. In the Current Product Help box on the top right portion of the page, click Project Server.

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