Templates – We’ve got some, Want more?

imageI get questions on templates fairly often so I wanted to do a quick post pointing to a previous post we did on this topic.

Essentially, if you are new to Project or starting a project and want to see a generic plan for how others broke down the work, check out a Project template.

To access templates in Project 2010, go to File – New – Office.com Templates section. In Project 2007, go to File – New and in the New Project pane either select On Computer or Templates on Office Online.

Now here’s where you come in…

We are always looking to add more templates and wanted to get feedback from you. What templates should we add?

You can either post comments directly to this blog (note they won’t show up right away) or you can send me your thoughts by emailing projrep@microsoft.com

And here’s some template trivia for you:

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