Among The Employed Again!

I am back among the productive now. I have taken a position with forProject Technology Inc . They have been doing some exciting things with addins to Project for things like reporting, Earned Value and data integration and are working on some pretty cool stuff for the future. They are also now doing Project Server deployment consulting as well which is where I will fit in. I am pretty happy because I will be working with Scott Daley from my old Microsoft Project Server team at MCS and with Colby Africa and Ken Inglis from my Pacific Edge days. I was never happier at Microsoft than when I was working for Scott and my fondest memories of Pacific Edge were sitting in Ken’s office with a huge whiteboard figuring out all the various issues around integrating an application with Project 2000. 🙂 I am going to be doing Project Server consulting as well as working with the forProject development team on their addin products. I can still be reached at for personal stuff but if you need to talk to me about Project Server or about working with the cool applications that forProject has been famous for you can get me at

All Things Old, Become New Again

As some of you may already know, I am no longer with Microsoft. So I will be blogging from here once again. I like TypePad better than the Telligent platform that Microsoft used anyway (so there!). 🙂   I hope to continue sharing information about how best to configure and use Project Server. I’m still a Project Server nerd. I will just be nerding for someone else now. Who that someone else is, is not yet known so if anyone wants to rent me and me for a while give me a shout at and we can talk it out. 🙂