Here’s some basic information you’ll want to have if you want to support SkyDrive Pro libraries and Sync services in your organization. If you just want to get your bearings around SkyDrive Pro, you can start here:   Regarding SkyDrive Pro prerequisite software and services: To support SkyDrive Pro libraries in your organization, the latest SharePoint or Office 365 personal sites (also known as My Sites) need to be deployed in your organization, and the user profile service needs to be running. This is because social features, such as sharing documents, depend on personal sites and user profiles. To support Sync in SkyDrive Pro (the ability to synchronize SkyDrive Pro documents with local desktops), make sure that either Office 2013 (Standard or Professional) or an Office 365 subscription that includes the Office 2013 applications is running on Windows 7 or Windows 8 client devices.  Regarding security concerns: SkyDrive Pro client exchanges with SharePoint sites rely on synchronization protocol and external mechanisms for security, such as those provided by VPNs or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SkyDrive Pro data is not encrypted over the network when the SkyDrive Pro client talks to SharePoint (which is required to support SkyDrive Pro), unless the transport protocol is being used for server communication is through https (which uses SSL or Transport Layer Security – TLS). Server administrators can configure SSL encryption for data sent over the network between the SkyDrive Pro and the SharePoint servers. On-disk data can be encrypted using the Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption. For more information see ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ at . Note: SSL is recommended for SharePoint connections from outside a corporate domain. If you’re using Active Directory, you can configure the following Group Policy setting: Sync Only On Domain Network: Requires a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection for SkyDrive Pro clients trying connect to SharePoint Server 2013 (or SharePoint 2010) from outside the organization’s intranet. In addition, you can secure the SharePoint site from unauthorized access by setting access control lists appropriately. For guidance about how to set access control for users to synchronize with SharePoint libraries and lists, see ‘Overview of site permissions in SharePoint 2013’ at .

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