This Week in BPOS News 4/1

This week in BPOS news is a recurring segment on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog that covers news from all sectors of Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Online Services business suite known as the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). You can read all past This Week in BPOS News segments here. For this week in BPOS news we take a look at what Microsoft has to offer in the cloud and we look some interesting findings around small-to-medium business cloud adoption. What does Microsoft have to offer in the cloud? Our first story for This Week in BPOS News explores the many ways Microsoft brings the cloud to you. Simon May dedicates a TechNet blog post to describing several Microsoft Cloud offerings. He starts at the lowest level by explaining what the Cloud is. I think he does a great job outlining the basics of Cloud Computing and diving into the following Microsoft Cloud offerings: Windows Azure SQL Azure Office 365 and BPOS Windows Intune Hyper-V Cloud Simon introduces the above Microsoft Cloud offerings and explains them in a way that is easily digestible. I would recommend this blog post for anyone interested or intimidated in the Cloud, and wanting to learn more about the many Cloud products Microsoft is working on. Are you in the Cloud? What Microsoft Cloud offerings are you familiar with? Leave your comments below.

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