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The Grid is full of Office 365 experts that are brimming with great information. The  Grid User Post blog series   will expose some of The Grid's  best content  to the entire Office 365 Community. Are you interested in contributing to The Grid?  Send JoshT_MSFT a private message  to apply. Our latest Grid User Post comes from Alexandru Dionisie .  SkyDrive Pro is cloud storage for employees that is now a core part of SharePoint Online.  SkyDrive Pro is intended to meet your usage criteria and provide organizational control. SkyDrive Pro comes with  SharePoint 2013  and SharePoint Online and also provides offline document synchronization. This is great for offline access and management of files from all your devices. Let’s review how to sync the files stored in SkyDrive Pro. Quick note: SkyDrive Pro is separate from the consumer SkyDrive subscription with the Pro version being used only to store work related content. How to Sync a Document Library Above every document library there is a “ SYNC”  button; click on it. Next, go to your SkyDrive Pro folder : Click “SkyDrive” from the Office 365 top navigation bar Click the “SYNC” button Then click “Sync Now”   Now the folder is created on your local machine’s folder directory. That folder is actually  a mapped drive of a SharePoint document library . We can copy-paste different files and then they will be synced with SharePoint.     The result: Your files in sync locally with the primary SharePoint Online source as seen in the image below.   Audience: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses Office 365 for enterprises

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How to use SkyDrive Pro to sync document libraries for local/offline use - Grid User Post

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