Tips and Tricks: Change the month the fiscal year starts on

I get this question a lot: How do I change the month that the fiscal year starts on? First, to make sure you’re reading a blog entry that pertains to you, let me define a fiscal year. The fiscal year is the year-long period, at the end of which an organization’s accounts are completed and financial statements are prepared for stakeholders and for tax purposes. Compare this to the calendar year, which is the

Tips and Tricks: Add miscellaneous costs to tasks using cost resources

Cost resources provide an easy way of applying miscellaneous or multiple costs to a task, like airfare and dining— in addition to the more commonly applied costs like people’s salaries or per-use costs, such as consultant fees. Cost resources don’t depend upon the amount of work done on tasks. Nor do they depend on any calendars used in the project, as do work resource salaries, or rate costs for material resources, such as computer time and rental machinery. Let’s look at this a little more closely since cost resources are created differently than the other costs, and they are applied differently as well. First, off to the Resource Sheet to create a few cost resources. In Project 2010, click the View tab, and then click click Resource Sheet .

Newly Published Content thus far for September 2010

The Microsoft Project Server 2010 Server Settings Backup/RestoreTool Describes how to use the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Server Settings Backup/Restore tool (available in the Project 2010 Resource Kit) to migrate server settings from one Project Server 2010 instance to another. Plan for virtual environments for Office Project Server 2010 Describes deploying Project Server 2010 in virtual environments. Plan for using Project Server 2010 in a Hyper-V virtual environment Describes deploying Project Server 2010 using a Hyper-V virtual environment. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Demand Management (white paper) A whitepaper discussing the Demand Management feature in Microsoft Project. Move all databases to a different server (Project Server 2010) Describes how to move all Microsoft Project databases to a different instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

How to determine if you have Project Standard or Project Professional

This is a question that often comes up internally, and is certainly easy to answer if you are looking at the software, particularly with the differences between Standard and Professional in 2010 (see the Version Comparison ), but the question usually relates to software audits when companies are trying to find out what is deployed.

Project Server 2010: Business Intelligence Center–Common Errors

This follows on from the posting on the structure of the Business Intelligence Center in Project Server 2010 – and covers a few of the possible errors you might run in to. For Project Server 2007 one of my most read, or at least “most viewed” and commented pages was Common Error Messages when Building Cubes with Project Server 2007 .